My work has been linked to a tradition of craft trades and ancestral techniques that go back to my grandmother, who made totes (vessels made with fruits of the guira or totumo tree). Then my father taught me the craft of saddlery when I was a teenager.

After years of research and experimentation it was posible to use leather not only for leather goods and traditional saddlery work, but also for furniture and architecture in an elegant and modern way.  Now with all the experience we can freely apply this traditional techniques to anything we dream. The imagination is the limit. 


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The process was not only about research of techniques, but also about materials and their combination with leather. One of our favorites pieces is this firewood basket that mix leather with forging art.


 The Atelier

The heart of craftsmanship. One of my favorite places where these beautiful pieces come to life.

privee_luxury_04-60privee_luxury_01-51IMG_0074Justiniano Alfonso-2




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